Ultimate in the Wall Street Journal

by Christian Painchaud July 15, 2014

Mostly about MLU  and AUDL teams in New York City. There's also a short discussion about a very important news: Ultimate received a seal of approval from the U.S. Olympic Committee.

And there are some hopeful signs. Earlier this month, U.S.A. Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport, got a seal of approval from the U.S. Olympic Committee as a "recognized sport organization," boosting its promotional clout. Ultiworld, the sport's main publication, now gets nearly 10,000 daily visitors, according to Mr. Eisenhood.

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Christian Painchaud
Christian Painchaud


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Taiga Travels West!! : Hello Misfit!!

by Rebecca Thompson May 11, 2017

Taïga Ultimate is honored and excited to announce our new partnership with Misfit Ultimate.

Misfit is a junior ultimate program in Vancouver, British Columbia. Misfit was founded in 2006 by six kids who were cut from other summer club teams, so they decided to create their own team to play on.

Callahan and Donovan Awards || #taigainaction
Callahan and Donovan Awards || #taigainaction

by Kevin Quinlan May 09, 2017

It is that time of the year!!!
Taiga is proud to announce that 3 individuals in Taiga Threads are campaigning for the distinguished Callahan and Donovan award!!
Check out their Video's - 

Your Exclusive Collection
Your Exclusive Collection

by Kevin Quinlan April 19, 2017

Focus on your game. Leave the rest to us.

Ordering uniforms has never been easier.