by Christian Painchaud December 17, 2015

The "J" Bomb

Your ultimate frisbee team has been around for a while, and yesterday someone dropped the "J" bomb:

Guys, let's do team JERSEYS!

Challenge Accepted

Captain's Nightmare

You are the team's captain, and you will most likely end up piloting that project. Here are the usual problems that you might deal with:

  • Slow design process - a friend of a friend is doing the design but it seems a very very low priority for him. 
  • Too much input for the design - apparently, all your teammates are designers with strong opinions about what is a good looking jersey. They mean well, but it's not helping.
  • Slow communications -  way too many e-mails!
  • Collecting teammates money - and it's not always obvious to front hundreds of dollars.

 Sounds familiar?

Fixing The Problem

Taïga is changing that game with a new innovative solution. We designed an online experience that allows you to design awesome ultimate frisbee jerseys in just a few clicks. It is fast, simple, and easy to use. The main benefits are:

Online Design Tools Action Oriented Unit Transactions
  Taïga empowers the captains to figure out easily and rapidly their team design. Keep it simple. Save time and money. The customization experience brings everybody on the same page. Easy & guided collaboration. Less e-mails. Faster processing. Players buy their own jersey. Captains no longer have to front hundreds of dollars and deal for hours with teammates to get their money back!

Now let's go through the process step by step:

1. Get Inspired

First, take it easy, and think about your team's DNA. Who are you guys? With that in mind, walking to your job, you stumble upon this graffiti. Bang! You're inspired (because, of course, your team name is "Wild Ride"). 

You stumble upon a nice graffiti.

2. Create Your Basic Jersey

Now you have a color palette, and a great picture. That's all you need to start creating your jersey. Going to Taïga's website, you choose the starting template Design From Scratch

Design Template - Start From Scratch

This is a striped template. The jersey is divided in eight different horizontal zones that you can select and customize with a color and a texture. For this first experience you want to keep it simple, so you make the chest stripe, the collar and the sleeves stripes white, and everything else green.

Create your basic jersey layout.

3. Artworks & Layout

You have figured the general look of your new team jersey. Now you can go crazy. You really liked that graffiti, it should be the t-shirt's main theme. The jersey's green body color really must match the picture's blue-green color. You feel like the red car should be wrapping the body side, from the center-front to the back. There must be the mountains in the background all around the jersey. And you want your team name written inside the white chest stripe. No problem! Here's how you can do this.

A. Enter your specific instructions in the text-box.
Everything listed above should be written down in the text box for additional informations at the end of step 11. Below is a picture of our final result. Note that the jersey's and the uploaded picture's colors don't match at all. Don't worry, it will be fixed later. For now, you must focus on telling us what you want.

Enter your Customization Instructions.

B. Choose the logos and numbers positions.
So we removed the artworks. Let's put them back on the jersey. On step 11, you can pick one from the four different designs. Here you go for the big side logo, players names in the back and number in the front chest stripe.

Choose a Custom Jersey Design

C. Upload your logo picture.
Scroll down a little and you will see the instruction box allowing you to upload the file. The bigger the picture file, the best. We will discuss this more in our next blog posts.

Customize you Team Jersey | Upload your logo.

D. Write your team name in the front chest stripe.
For this one you will use a special trick. The customization experience has some limitations, but there are ways to work around them. For example, the chosen jersey layout allows you to write the players numbers on the right side of the chest. That's not what you are looking for. Instead, you go to step 12 and write "WR" in the number box. If your teammates already provided their sizes and details, you can enter them here, if not simply e-mail us the Excel worksheet later.

Hacking the chest logo

E. Save you design & share with your friends.
Clicking "Complete Order" saves your design and gives it a unique ID number. You can share your design on your team's Facebook page. From that link they can start editing right away, just where you stopped! Their designs will create new separate ID numbers.

Save and Share Your Design

4.Ordering your ultimate team jerseys.

This part is very important. The customization experience is designed to help you design your team jerseys and gather all the useful information. So far, there is no transaction involved. No strings attached. 

A. We get in touch.
We are notified that you have saved a new design and that you are interested in discussing your jersey project with us. We then get back to you rapidly to confirm all your design details.

B. You approve the final design.
Then we will quickly send you a print file demo of the actual jersey, like it should be looking in real life. Something like this: 

Print File Demo

C. Each player buys his/her own jersey.
Finally, we build a private collection for you containing every unique inventory units of your order. Your teammates will be buying their own jersey. Captains no longer have to front hundreds of dollars and deal for hours with teammates to get their money back! Production starts when the collection is sold out. You receive your uniforms four weeks later.


Ready to create Amazing Team Jerseys?

Christian Painchaud
Christian Painchaud


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