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How Do You Like Your Gear To Fit?

September 15, 2016

How Do You Like Your Gear To Fit?

Swag, Style and Hammers.

Do you like to rock that athletic fit gear to show off the frisbee guns? Are you out there to sport the baggy basketball swag? Ultimate frisbee has had a ton of different fads throughout the years. We all have a unique personality and taste in clothing, two things that go hand in hand, and because of this, the apparel game is constantly changing and always exciting.

Everyone looks better with their own style and swag. The gear you use is what builds that signature look.

F Marceau - Royal de Montreal

Whether it’s Felix Marceau (right), of the Montreal Royal, who has a baggier look to his game or Jeff Babbitt (top), of the New York Empire (former Boston Ironside player), who likes his gear of the tighter variety, they both share the insight of knowing what garb helps them perform best

"Taiga has always been about customization at every level, for every player".

The fact that frisbee players come in all sizes and have various tastes has helped us develop a simple idea.

Along with the fit of your gear, there is the type. Personally, I have a lot of ultimate jerseys. We all do. So many teams. So many different types. Some that fit. Some that I, optimistically, think fit. Some screen printed and some spot sublimated.

My favorite, however, have always been full subbed.

This seems obvious, what ultimate player doesn't appreciate the smooth, comforting feel of a fully subbed jersey? Ill tell you who, no one. I know what you're thinking, it’s always too expensive. I look at a fully sublimated jerseys as an investment for one main reason, they last longer. The ink is burned into the fabric and as a result, the jerseys don’t lose their integrity for years. If you're going to buy jerseys, buy full subs; They are worth the investment.

There is also the argument for the comfort-ability of a fully subbed jersey. They fit with no screen printed design clinging to your body, which, as you probably know, is super annoying. Not only that but they are way easier to wash. You take care of them, like any jersey, but without the fear of your dryer doing irreversible damage.

Over the 9+ years I have been playing ultimate I have been in a constant battle with my washing machine and dryer. I have consistently lost this battle. I am excited to say that I have found the achilles heel of these machines: full sub jerseys.

It is incredibly rewarding to put on a clean jersey without having to peel it open; or see that your colors have turned from a clean white to a nice faded yellow. You can wash your full sub jersey with warm (warm not hot.. we are not there yet.) water! They will actually look clean!!!

I used to not care about what type of jersey I was getting, just the name that was on it. Then I came to realize that I want the memories I made in them to last for as long as I do; a quality of a jersey that is invaluable. Its an investment that goes farther than just the jersey. It’s the wins, the loses, and the memories that were made with a season of that jersey on your back.


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