by Kevin Quinlan October 17, 2016

As we said in our previous post about how the gear fit: Taiga has always been about customization at every level, for every player. Men's sizes, women's fitted, long, or short apparel. What can we do about it? The fact that frisbee players come in all sizes and have various tastes has helped us develop a simple idea.
We are excited to announce the release of our new cuts for shorts featuring:

The West Coast and East Coast Cuts!!

The West Coast Cut was created for you basketball minded and baggier fitted players. This trend has been popularized in Quebec and seems to be the standard for most Canadian based teams. In the United States we have seen its growth with bigger players that generally come from basketball.

The East Coast Cut was designed for a shorter, soccer style, swag. We here at Taiga are always looking for new trends in ultimate and have found that influences from soccer seem to be more and more apparent. We have learned that "the above the knee" look has gathering speed and we would love to be a part of it. This is why we would like to introduce the East Coast Cut!

With these two easy adjustments, your gear is sure to help your game. Not only that, but it is sure to change the ultimate apparel game forever. Build your look. Customize it. Let us do the rest!!


Kevin Quinlan
Kevin Quinlan


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