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Made in Montréal

Build something and make friends!

We've been so lucky to start in Montreal. We experienced first hand a community transforming itself, we're proud to be part of it. Four years ago, we entered the scene practically at the same moment as the AUDL's Royal de Montréal. Back then, with no clue about what we were doing, we still manage to make one of the Royal's first product: a limited edition bamboo organic cotton reversible tank top. Turns out it was a great product, but not designed to play ultimate.

Not long after that, the competitive club scene started to change. Club M united, organized, and started to manage the open teams, Spécifik Ultimate started training athletes, Apo started filming and producing highlight reels. Now the CUFM is uniting women teams together and they will rock.

We've been helping out each other. We've been working together. It's not always been simple or easy, but I think we now see the beginning of something great. That's how a community grows and improves.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone. You really helped us to get where we are, and we're looking forward to continue working with you guys!

We also hope that, in the future, ultimate communities will share more their stories and their best practices with each other. At the end of the day, for different reasons, we all just want to see more and more people play ultimate. We sometimes dream of ultimate at the Olympic Games. Let's work together on a larger scale to achieve that, let's connect our communities.  As the Club M say: #strongertogether.

Finally, if you're interested in building ultimate communities, send us an e-mail, we want to know you.