Taïga Ultimate is now a BE Ultimate Company!!

Women's Full Sub Leggings | Ice Blocks

  • Ice is back...

    We had this crazy idea to make full sub leggings as unique and original as possible. Ice Blocks is a 2 units production! Talk about uniqueness!

    The cut is specifically adapted to ultimate frisbee. Taïga's leggings are an essential product to support your game. Say good-bye to turf burns, and bleeding knees!

    Taïga's products also yield a minimal carbon footprint as they are proudly designed and 100% manufactured locally, in Montréal, Canada.

    • Thin and extra light 90/10 polyester-spandex fabric;
    • Double layers on the knees for enhanced protection against turf burns;
    • 3/4 length;



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Taïga Ultimate Joining Forces With BE Ultimate

Starting today, both Taïga & BE products will be available to our new and existing clients.
We believe that Taiga’s customers will greatly benefit from BE’s incredible product lines. Placing orders will remain the same for the near future.

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